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Updated: May 29, 2019

Does the phrase ' I can't get out of my head" ring true to you? You're not alone. The National Science Foundation estimates that we have up to 60,000 thoughts per day. 85% of those thoughts are negative. 95% of the same thoughts return the next day. These staggering statistics require a call to action on how we manage our thought process. If we wake up and do the same things each day, nothing will change, including our thoughts.

It was often perplexing and uncomfortable to listen to clients share their downward spiraling thoughts and observe the visible decline of their confidence. There was such an incongruency with how they presented and how they saw themselves. It was as if two people had showed up to my office with one gaining leverage in taking the other down a dark hole.

It often brought out the mother in me that wanted to pick them up as if they were a child, to comfort them by telling them stories of their worthiness and how much they were loved to make their mental pain go away. Unfortunately, way too many people have not heard such positive stories in their childhood so they have no experience to draw from.

The voice within their head was not their own. It was a collection of voices from life experiences that had to be observed, identified, and modified to become their own voice in their current reality.

Mindset Conditioning __ Thought Transformation Toolkit

As a therapist and coach, I was determined to offer a mindset conditioning method that provided tools of empowerment for the client to begin living in the present, transforming negative thoughts to positive narratives, and recreating the self-limiting story that they tell themselves about their lives.

Although my clinical approach of connecting the dots between deeply rooted memories or belief systems was necessary, it didn't produce a sustainable positive thought shift between our appointments. Clients would leave my office assigning the knowledge and power to me as they lacked the confidence and ability to implement these changes on their own. They needed a portable mindset conditioning toolkit that they could reach for and produce positive experiential results to empower themselves and take control of their lives.

Creating Your Own Netflix Series Outcome

Mindset conditioning is not a hit-and-miss approach to mindfulness. It requires commitment to an intentional practice routine for the positive benefits to become a way of life. My Mindset Conditioning toolkit will teach you how to harness the power of your brain. You will learn that feeling better is easier than you think.

Just as we absorb ourselves in the latest Netflix series speculating different outcomes for the season finale and what we want for our favorite characters. We must also put the same energy into producing different outcomes for ourselves so that it becomes part of our muscle memory and we truly believe it!

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