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Screenwriter, Author, Producer

With three years of working with Nancy, she has been a guiding force in my life, my inner and outer worlds have dramatically improved. Not only did she help me deal with some past trauma and present-day relationship issues, but she helped me change my mindset from anxiety and stress induced paralysis to an explosion of creativity and problem solving in my professional life as a writer and in my personal life.

Her Mindset Conditioning coaching toolkit  inspired me to dig deep which helped me write four screenplays and two books in that time span by having measurable goals and a plan of action.  She even helped with my chronic pain from an army injury from years ago which severely impeded my life, travel, and writing. I would not have gone to places like Hawaii and Toronto to receive awards and to do research without her help.

Nancy's Bilateral Stimulation music and other meditation tools helped me tremendously. When my mind starts to drift back to the lack of confidence I had before, I recognize it and know how to bring it back in line with my goals and daily life.

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Specialty Sales Representative at Allergan

 Central Nervous System

"Nancy gave me the ability to see things from a new perspective. More than that, she has coached me to trust my instincts and utilize valuable tools of mindfulness in my every day life.  Nancy helped me transition in one of the most trying times of my life thus far. I would recommend her to anyone that is going through a move or loss.


Since my relocation from St. Louis, my ongoing video calls with Nancy have centered me and given me clarity. I can honestly say I have progressed just as much, if not more, than during our face to face sessions together. Being able to continue with her as someone I have a trusting relationship, rather than someone new, has been extraordinary.


If people can take one thing from my testimonial, I'd like them to know that regardless of their situation, Nancy will assist in a way that shows you how to move ahead independently way beyond your session with her." Brittany, Nashville, TN




Holistic Therapist

Nancy is a vibrant, caring individual. I am privileged to have met Nancy in 2008 when she relocated to St. Louis after being displaced due to conditions of Hurricane Katrina in Southeast Louisiana.


Nancy learned first hand through her own personal experience a very unique perspective of how to effectively support others in their life transitions. Nancy was able to successfully start a full-time practice as a newcomer to St. Louis in under 2 years time.


Nancy's positive attitude, compassion, and professional knowledge make her a valued counselor, one that I recommend highly. Mary, St. Louis, MO

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Vice-President Human Resources

Stirling Properties/ERA Stirling

"I have known Nancy on both a personal and professional level for over 30 years. She has always been so passionate about helping people. Along with her knowledge and expertise, Nancy has exemplied with her entreprepreneur spirit. While living in Louisiana Nancy was remarkable during the days following the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina in dealing with her clients and the necessities of a major devastating disaster. 


She did not miss a beat. In relocating to St. Louis, she handled the transition admirably. Nancy had to say goodbye to colleagues, friends, and clients and put them first. St. Louis is so lucky to have such a caring professional consultant." Judy, Hammond, LA

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President at Atriadi

"Nancy has been an invaluable resource for me during a career transition. Her gentle coaching style asks the questions that need to be answered but never in an intimidating manner. She guided me through the process of redefining myself effortlessly. I cannot recommend her as a resource highly enough." Don, Greater St. Louis, MO



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Executive Director/ CEO in Acute and Behavioral Health System Leadership and Management

" I first reached out to Nancy when a physician was looking for a therapist to refer patients to who lived in the Central West End/Clayton area of St. Louis. What I later learned is that Nancy offers a very wide range of services that cover a vast area of knowledge from grief counseling to EPA services as well as traditional therapy to career development and transitional changes.


I now refer people from my network to her and the feedback has always been so positive. These people consistently tell me that she has played a key role in assisting them in finding personal solutions. I would trust her knowledge and expertise coupled with her genuine passion for people to be a resource for my closest friends and loved ones."  Mark, Greater St. Louis, MO


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