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"Balance is not something you find. Balance is something you create."   Jana Kingsford

Nancy's Philosophy

Nancy's Coaching

My Mind Over Chatter, mindset conditioning program, will produce visible results in your self-confidence and performance success. You will no longer be preoccupied with the 'what-ifs' in your lives and begin to invest in today. These techniques apply to careers, relationships, dating, decision-making, parenting, retirement, divorce, and to your overall investment in

self-care. If you wake up doing the same things each day, you will be the same person. Make a commitment to adventuring out and to practicing intentional routines that will create the best side of you.

Nancy has a unique skill set in understanding unpredictable life changes, along with a clients immediate need for calm direction and hope for new beginnings.  As a resident  and practicing therapist in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, she observed uprooted lives and demolished communities. There was a 75% reduction in physician services, with therapy demands reaching a four state area. 
In 2008, Nancy was uprooted from her home of forty years and relocated to St. Louis to be near her adult children. As a newcomer, she established a thriving private practice during the economic storm by addressing clients immediate need for income, job creation, with business and career reinvention.
 Realizing the systemic failure in reaching residents after the storms, Nancy is committed to making services available to clients outside the traditional therapeutic office session. Nancy's video therapy and coaching program eliminates demographic barriers offering services on a national and international level. It has become so popular that her local clients are indicating a preference in the video format.  
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