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Free Download On Law On Partnership And Corporation By Hector De Leon Pdf [Updated]




Top 55 References. Download. REGISTER. LOG IN. Join with Email; Password; Login. To comply with all applicable copyright law, please remove any items you do not want to be viewed and they will be removed within 24 hours. You have Successfully Subscribed! Found a mistake? Not a problem! Join This Site. Subscribe Now for FREE! Are you a registered member? Login here. The Code of Civil Procedure as amended in 2003 provides for a preliminary registration of a partnership. In its present form, the Code of Civil Procedure prescribes the procedure for registration of partnership. The Code of Civil Procedure, as amended in 2003, prescribes the procedure for the registration of a partnership or a corporation. In the present version of the Code, although the Civil Code authorizes the registration of partnerships and corporations, no specific procedure is prescribed. No person is qualified to act as a partner who is incapable of consenting to the creation of the partnership or is incompetent to manage the affairs of the partnership. Pp. The partner may be an individual, a firm or a corporate body. The partnership agreement, or the partnership deed, or an amendment thereto, shall provide for the management of the partnership affairs by the partnership and the transfer of its property and liabilities. A partnership agreement has the same legal effect as a contract. Under the provisions of Section, partnership may be dissolved by mutual consent or by a judicial decree. Punishment for abuse of rights is provided for in Section. A partnership may be dissolved by any partner who on the written request of any partner or a majority in interest of the partners, and after the expiration of thirty days from the date of such request, notifies the partnership that he intends to dissolve the partnership. Punishment for an offence involving misuse of partnership property is provided for in Section A partner may be prosecuted or fined for an offence committed by him as a partner. In a civil suit or proceeding to which a partner is a party, he is deemed to act as an adverse party for the purpose of determining the amount, if any, of any fine or other penalty imposed upon him. The partner may sue in the partnership name, or may sue or be sued in his own name. Powers, rights and duties of the partners as to partnership property: A partner is not personally liable for any obligation or liability of the partnership. A partner has the right to manage the partnership



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Free Download On Law On Partnership And Corporation By Hector De Leon Pdf [Updated]

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